The Pine Yards in Mar Moussa Village is your backyard away from home, only better.21,000 square meters of pines and oaks await your visit. Unique seating zones and chill-out setups are beautifully arranged to cater to your picnic, camping, and recreational needs.

Visitors will be able to enjoy a wide range of experiences. The Pine Yards is designed as an entertainment, educational and dining destination attracting local and regional audiences:Game zones, outdoor activities, and event venues guarantee the happiest times for families, friends, and corporate teams.

Safety and the Environment
An absolute priority at all times

The Pine Yards ensures ultimate respect for nature. We are grateful for nature’s offerings and we conduct our daily activities accordingly. Pine trees are protected and untouched. Cleanliness is maintained at all times, and strict procedures are applied for all visitors to help keep an eco-friendly setup.

We adhere to and apply the highest safety standards in all our equipment, tools, and procedures. Safety is an ultimate priority at all times for the team and visitors alike.